Lily Allen – The Fear (New Single)

    Well, first of all, in case nobody heard – Rosie’s proposed variety hour is a no go, according to People Magazine. This less than a week after her tauted “Prime Time comeback” premiered to abysmally low ratings. Not too surprised, even though I do love Rosie and was secretly cheering for success.

    Lily Allen - It's Not You, It's Me - Fanmade Album Art – Fanmade Album Artwork Via Coverlandia Blog by jlm
    In other news – Lily Allen premiered her new single, “The Fear” in the UK today on Britain’s Radio 1. The song was also released on Lily’s newly created YouTube channel (listen to it here!). This is the first single off her upcoming follow up to “Alright, Still” – entitled “It’s Not Me, It’s You.” I Have to say…I love this song! It’s a mid to up-tempo jam, full of wit and bite. I think it’s a return to form for Ms. Allen and I can’t wait for her to tour with this project! So far, I’ve liked all of the songs that Allen has posted on her MySpace and have nothing but high hopes. You can check out the song previously thought to have been the first single, “Everyone’s At It” on Allen’s MySpace. From what I’ve heard, they are all light and fluffy in their production, a little deeper, lyrically – and of course sarcastic and funny throughout. The single is due to be released at the end of January. Thoughts on the song?
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