Check out this HOT new track; "Bieber's Hotline," a new song from Brayton Bowman, mashing up Justin Bieber and Drake.

Listen To This: Brayton Bowman – Bieber’s Hotline (Justin Bieber x Drake Mash-Up)

    Check out this HOT new track;  "Bieber's Hotline," a new song from Brayton Bowman, mashing up Justin Bieber and Drake.
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    Brayton Bowman is a straight up BEAST. While you should really just take my word for it, here’s some musical evidence confirming as much. Allow me to present to your ears “Bieber’s Hotline,” a clever a-f mash-up of Justin Bieber‘s “What Do You Mean” and Drake‘s “Hotline Bling.” Check it out below.

    Yes, covering two of the BIGGEST songs out right now was definitely a smart move for Bowman, but for me it’s about the WAY which he covers these songs. Eliminating (nearly) all traces of the originals, Bowman injects a pop of FRESH into each JAM; his trademark silky smooth vocals gliding over a steady funk-infused synth beat. This song will make you spontaneously bust-a-move—guaranteed. It’s a rarity that I use my phone as an actual phone, but “Bieber’s Hotline” is one number I’ll be calling repeatedly.

    I’ve got SO much respect for this guy, and one look at his Twitter feed and you will too. Brayton Bowman has got that indie hustle down pat. While a major label can certainly do great things for an artist, it can also destroy an artist’s heart and soul—something I hope never happens to Brayton Bowman because his heart is gigantic and he wears it on his proverbial Twitter sleeve.

    In case you’re unfamiliar, Brayton Bowman is a New York City-based/Philadelphia born singer-songwriter, and with two SOLID self-released EPs already under his belt, it’s only a matter of time before he’s snatched up and turned into the star he already knows he is. Speaking to Idolator, Bowman confirmed a new project in the works called 22 Minutes, which he describes as “a collection of my favorite tunes I’ve written the past few months and some new ones I’m so excited about.” Be sure and check out HERE | NOW (iTunes / Spotify) and his latest release, The Update (iTunes / Spotify) and look out for 22 Minutes, coming early next year.

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