Canadian electropop trio Dragonette are back with a BOMB solo single, "Lonely Heart" and this is very good news for all of us.

Listen To This: Dragonette – Lonely Heart

    “GOTTA FILL IT UP / GOTTA FILL IT UP / FILL UP MY LO-LO-LONELY HEART!” I am SO here for Dragonette‘s new single, “Lonely Heart” you don’t even KNOW! It’s a quintessential summer bop, complete with a killer hook tailor-made for cruising, top down, sun in the sky, flanked by palm trees—or you know, speeding down the FDR in the back of a pine-scented Uber, windows rolled down (choose your own adventure). No matter WHERE you’re listening to it, it’s gonna make you move. Soak up Dragonette‘s sunshiny new tune below.

    Lonely Heart” was released last Friday (May 27th), marking the Canadian electropop trio’s first solo outing since last year’s “Let The Night Fall.” Before that—well, let’s face it! It’s been WAY TOO LONG! Dragonette‘s last album was 2012’s Bodyparts, which featured singles “Live In This City,” “My Legs” and “Let It Go,” which happens to be the last song of theirs I wrote about. Following an exhausting promotional cycle and tour in support of the album, Dragonette got to work, hitting the studio with a slew of dance music hitmakers and churning out bangers with the likes of Mike Mago (“Outlines“—their first UK Top 10!), Big Data (“Get Some Freedom“) Galantis (“Peanut Butter Jelly“) LENNO (“The Best“) and most recently British producer Philip George (“Feel This Way“).

    Dragonette's new single, Lonely Heart is out now!
    Artwork by Julian Gross

    Now, it would appear that Dragonette is antsy to get some new original music out there! YAY for us! While their last single, “Let The Night Fall” was more of a straight up dance tune, “Lonely Heart” has more of a traditional pop feel, but with plenty of groove. Shoulder-shimmying beats and beachy, buoyant synths all come together, with singer Martina Sorbara‘s spirited delivery sealing the deal. Dragonette took their damn time but “Lonely Heart” is the sweet, summery treat we’ve all been craving. The song is available to stream (Spotify) and download (iTunes) now.

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