Mark Ronson and Katy B Drum Up Excitement Around The Olympics; Innovative New Single Available Now

    Mark Ronson and Katy B Anywhere In The World

    For months I’d been hearing about an Olympics-themed collaboration between Grammy-winning English DJ/producer Mark Ronson and Mercury Music Prize nominated South London garage queen Katy B.  FINALLY, the song has been released and I have to say, it’s pretty effing cool.

    Anywhere In The World” is an innovative musical experiment that fuses the sound of sports and music together into one seamless track.  The song is part of ‘Move to the Beat,’ the Coca-Cola global teen focused Olympic Games campaign that celebrates the beat of London 2012.  It’s designed to bring teens closer to the Olympic Games and to sports in general.

    “Harnessing teens’ passion of music and drawing inspiration from London’s musical heritage, the campaign fuses London music with Olympic sport to connect young people to London 2012.” 

    Pretty friggin’ ingenious! If you have Spotify, you can listen to the song HERE.

    To create the song’s unusual soundscape, Mark Ronson traveled the world in search of inspiration, meeting young athletes and recording the sounds of their sports.  Included on the track are the sounds of English table tennis player Darius Knight, American 110m hurdler David Oliver, Russian 400m sprinter Kseniya Vdovina, Dayyan Jaffar, an archer from Singapore and Maria Espinoza, a taekwondo athlete hailing from Mexico.  So flippin’ cool!

    Check out an advert for Coca-Cola BELOW that features some ‘Behind The Scenes‘ footage of the song’s creation, as well as close ups of some of the athletes. “Anywhere in the World” is available to download EVERYWHERE (iTunes US/iTunes UK).

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