Matthew Wroda – Sugar Sugar

    Matthew Wroda. Described by his official website as a “fourteen year old singing sensation” this young artist was discovered the good old-fashioned way. Well sort of. Having starred in various school productions, he finally entered a Florida singing competition and soon after was contacted by a talent scout. SOON after that, Matthew and his parents were off to LA to meet with a major label A&R representative. While he’s recording his debut album, he self-released a single Walk On that somehow got the attention of some major MAJOR DJs! Featuring remixes by the likes of Chris “The Greek” Panaghi, Adam Marano and Electrik Pulse, Wroda has been making the rounds, with his songs appearing on various dance radio stations around the country. His new single, a cover of The Archies classic Sugar Sugar–also remixed by Chris “The Greek” Panaghi and Electric Pulse.

    The vocal talent Matthew Wroda possesses is questionable based on the two singles I’ve heard so far. I mean he’s by no means AWFUL but he must offer a lot more than he’s giving up right now. Check out his official MySpace to listen to a remix of Walk On and Sugar Sugar.