Melinda Doolittle – It’s Your Love Remixes

    Oh the stresses of life! Once again, the delay between this post and my last is unforgivably long. I started bidding on Ebay for a “rare remix promo” of American Idol Season Six finalist, Melinda Doolittle. I typically jump at the excuse to purchase a rare promo on Ebay if there’s a 1-click buy option. This time around, there wasn’t that option, so I bid the minimum $10.00. Sure enough, I was out bid. I went up to about $25.00 and next thing I know, it’s all the way up to $80.00! Holy shit! Quite the jump. I’m sorry, but a 7-track promo for $80.00 + shipping does not seem like a good deal to me. Such is the nature of Ebay, I guess. Remixes are by Jason Nevins, Mike Rizzo and Smashmode. Damn you, big spender!
    Melinda Doolittle - It's Your Love

    Here’s the gloriousness that I missed out on:
    Melinda Doolittle – It’s Your Love – Remixes

    1. It’s Your Love (Jason Nevins Club Mix) 6:52

    2. It’s Your Love (Mike Rizzo Club Mix) 6:36

    3. It’s Your Love (Smashmode Mix) 4:28

    4. It’s Your Love (Mike Rizzo Dub Mix) 6:36

    5. It’s Your Love (Jason Nevins Radio Mix) 4:03

    6. It’s Your Love (Mike Rizzo Radio Mix) 3:27

    7. It’s Your Love (Smashmode Radio Mix) 3:06

    [EDIT] – According to a wonderful member of the Melinda Doolittle Street Team, the remixes will be available for download on iTunes and on Melinda’s official website – on July 7th!

    Check out Melinda Doolittle on the web: Official Site/Twitter/MySpace/YouTube/iLike/Blogger

    • <b>Melinda&#39;s</b> re-mixed <i>It&#39;s Your Love</i> will be available on July 7 on iTunes and through her official site –<br /><br />Thanks for helping <b>Melinda&#39;s</b> Street Team and Backups spread the <b>Melinda</b>-<i>luv</i>! 😉

    • Thanks GriotLori! That&#39;s brilliant news 🙂 Not too much longer for me to wait then!

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    • MELINDA DOOLITTLE IN HER FIRST-EVER NIGHTCLUB ENGAGEMENT<br /><br />NOVEMBER 17 – 21, NEW YORK CITY<br /><br />FEINSTEIN&#39;S AT LOEWS REGENCY, the nightclub proclaimed &quot;Best of New York&quot; by New York Magazine, will debut MELINDA DOOLITTLE in her first-ever nightclub engagement from November 17 – 21. The “American Idol” finalist will perform an intimate evening of jazz standards, pop

    • So exciting! Thanks for the info! I&#39;d love to see Melinda live!

    • you are welcome Jamie you can also see VIDEO: A sneak peek of Melinda LIVE @ Feinstein&#39;s!<br />;news_id=17317