Check out the new mixtape, Revelation from Tom Aspaul

Mixtape Game Strong for British Singer-Songwriter Tom Aspaul

    Check out 'Revelation,' the 90s R&B Inspired Mixtape from British singer/songwriter Tom Aspaul

    London (via Wolverhampton)-based singer/songwriter Tom Aspaul released mixtape on Tuesday and it’s been playing in my head on a loop all day. Given that I was born in the 80s, 90s music is what I know and love-ESPECIALLY 90s R&B. Whenever I hear that familiar sound, a wave of nostalgia washes over me. This happened almost as soon as I pressed play on Tom Aspaul‘s brilliant new Mixtape, Revelation. Check it out below.

    The mixtape features a couple of Aspaul’s previous releases, including his bop-worthy Grades collaboration (“Good Together“) and that DELICIOUS Starsmith-produced Brandy x Carly Simon pseudo mashup, “New Moon” (thanks MuuMuse for the Carly connection) but really the whole thing is a delight and a half. From the visuals Hilow Films to the interludes (something I hate slash love slash remember from 90s R&B albums – #nostalgia) to the production (Starsmith, Grades, Jakwob). It’s a flawless teaser of what’s to come for this promising young talent. MORE TOM. WE WANT MORE. MIXTAPE GAME STRONG.

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