More Upcoming Remixes!

    Robyn – Cobrastyle

    I first heard this song on an episode of “Greys Anatomy” (don’t judge me!) in it’s original form by the Teddybears. When I heard Robyn’s cover that sort of solidified it for me as a favorite. Seeing her open with it on her US club tour was also pretty spectacular. There’s a remix by Muscles of this song that was included on the “Konichiwa Bitches” single, but it wasn’t anything special. These mixes promise to be much more of a “house” feel and I can’t wait to hear the the Mason mix.

    Mason Vocal Mix
    Mason Dub
    Adam K & Soha Remix
    Bloody Beetroots Instrumental
    The Touch Remix

    The Veronicas – Untouched
    I bought the new Veronica’s album without really knowing much on it, other than “Hook Me Up,” which I thought was alright. I kind of shelved the album until more recently when I saw them open up for Natasha Bedingfield. They were great live and the show reinvigorated my interest in this Aussie girl sister group. Previously, the only remix for this song (one of my new favs) was by Listen Deep. You can purchase it on iTunes…but I don’t think it’s too fantastic. It’s fun but I was really looking for something more club friendly. A new promo promises just that. Can’t wait to hear these, especially the Eddie Amador mixes.

    Eddie Amador Club Edit
    Eddie Amador Club
    Von Doom Mixshow
    Von Doom Club