Mutya Buena – B Boy Baby

    I was rather elated when I learned that Mutya Buena (formerly of the Sugababes) decided to release her collaboration with Amy Winehouse, “B Boy Baby,” as the next single from her debut solo effort. Borrowing from the 1963 Ronette’s song, “Be My Baby,” this new track is a grower. These days, almost anything (musically) that Winehouse touches, has been turning to gold (or at least silver or bronze), so let’s hope the same thing happens here.

    REAL GIRL has by and large been a big disappointment for me. The album versions of “Real Girl” and “Just A Little Bit” have been unimpressive in my opinion. The Moto Blanco Remix of “Real Girl” was enjoyable, while the remixes of “Just A Little Bit” were rather boring. The Mutya/Groove Armada collaboration was kinda hot (“Song 4 Mutya”). Even the Amy Winehouse duet didn’t start off well with me but it’s growing on me.

    Apparently Soulwax and the Desert Eagles have remixed this new single so hopefully that will seal the deal with me. As far as I can tell, Mutya’s album hasn’t been doing too well on the UK album charts, with each new single selling worse than it’s predecessor. Here’s to Mutya! Best of luck with this one! Your solo career may need all the luck it can get!