My Weekly Last FM Chart

    In following with last weeks format, I’ll be doing my top 10 listened to artists of the past week, according to my Last FM Chart. Since I work at a desk job, music is really what keeps me going day-to-day. Here are the artists that kept me going this past week.

    Last FM Chart

    Most Listened To Artists:

    1. Noisettes

    2. Erika Jayne

    3. Calvin Harris

    4. Roisin Murphy

    5. Straight No Chaser

    6. The Saturdays

    7. Natasha Bedingfield

    8. Kelly Clarkson

    9. V.V. Brown

    10. Adele

    This weeks chart, like last weeks, is female-dominated. What can I say? I typically prefer a female vocalist to a male. It’s just the kind of music I prefer. On the whole, female vocalists have are more impressive to me. In the top position this past week are the Noisettes, mainly because of the concert I attended last Monday. I tend to listen to an artist before a show, as well as after the show. This helps both with blogging about the show as well as prolonging my enjoyment of said concert. Erika Jayne also sits pretty at #2, as I reviewed her album Pretty Mess. Calvin Harris was on my mind as his new album, Ready For The Weekend is out this week and Roisin Murphy, she is working on a brand new record (which I will talk about later). Straight No Chaser released their brilliant new A capella EP, Six Pack which I promptly snagged. As for The Saturdays, Natasha Bedingfield, V.V. Brown and Adele – I was just in the mood at some point during last week to listen to each of those artists and or groups.