My Weekly Last FM Chart

    Here’s this weeks Last FM chart, chronicling this past week in terms of most listened to artists and songs.
    Most Listened To Artists:
    This past week, the new Jordin Sparks album came out. As a result, Jordin appears in both my most listened to artists for the week as well as most listened to tracks. I’ve been dealing with a bad cold/flu this past week, so the soothing sounds of Regina Spektor and Duffy were helpful in making me feel better. Blake Lewis…as I get ready for his new album, Heartbreak On Vinyl…I went back and listened to his debut album, as well as his new brilliant single “Sad Song.” Good stuff! Lily Allen…there’s always room for Lily! Her music just makes me happy.
    Most Listened To Songs:
    1. Jordin Sparks – The Cure
    2. Jordin Sparks – Don’t Let It Go To Your Head
    3. Jordin Sparks – Faith
    5. Jordin Sparks – Walking On Snow
    Hmmm…turns out I didn’t to the same song more than twice this past week. All of these songs I listened to 2 X exactly. Other songs that made the list include the rest of the Jordin Sparks record and the Brooke Hogan/Flo Rida jam, “Ruff Me Up.”