My Weekly Last FM Chart

    Second week doing this LAST FM chart report thing. Here goes nothing. By the way, it’s nearly 6 AM. Why am I up? My sleep schedule is all out of whack this week…I fell asleep around 10:00 and woke up after midnight so I’ve been watching “Deadwood,” and a really bad Nick Cage film. Anyway…here’s the music chart for this past week. Check out last week’s chart HERE.
    Last FM Chart
    Most Listened To Artists:
    I’ve been listening to Kelly’s new album a lot more recently. It really is a good album, despite what some people might be saying. Sure, it’s more pop than her last album. Who cares. There are quality songs on there. Beyonce and Jordin…I honestly think Beyonce is showing up in my chart due to all of the remixes I have on my iPod. I haven’t listened to Sasha Fierce in full since it came out. Jordin Sparks – same thing. I’ve been listening to her “One Step At A Time” remixes a lot, as well as the new “Battlefield” remixes. I can’t wait for her new album, out in a couple of weeks. I’m also thrilled that her new single will be “S.O.S. (Let The Music Play), which samples Shannon’s dance hit “Let The Music Play.”
    Most Listened To Songs:
    2. VV Brown – Shark In The Water
    3. Keisha White – Don’t Mistake Me
    5. Freemasons feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)
    I don’t know what it is about that Pitbull song, but I can’t stop listening to it over and over again! VV Brown is someone I am drawn to as well, but for a completely different reason. I’m sad to report that her album has leaked in full, but I definitely implore you to go out and purchase it next week. I will be ordering mine from CDWOW. Keisha White is an artist whom I quiet enjoy. I think I first heard of the Brit before her song “Don’t Mistake Me” made it onto an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but I don’t remember. She also has a nice cover of Joan Armatrading’s “The Weakness In Me” (which I first heard on the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack). The Steamweaver remix of Beyonce’s new single is good, definitely go and download it if you haven’t already. I love Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and this LIVE PERFORMANCE of her doing this song just reiterates how talented she is.