My Weekly Last FM Chart

    Once again I haven’t been blogging much. It’s not for a lack of motivation, or stuff to talk about…it’s more a lack of time. I’ve had a busy past couple of weeks! Anyway…Last FM results from the past week…GO!

    Last FM Weekly Chart
    Most Listened To Artists:
    1. Straight No Chaser

    2. Kelly Clarkson

    3. V.V. Brown

    4. Calvin Harris

    5. Wale

    6. Paloma Faith

    7. Robyn

    8. Sam Sparro

    9. Atomic Kitten

    10. Shakira

    It’s funny how week after week, the majority of the artists that make it on my “Most Listened To” list are from (or at least popular in) the UK. What can I say…over in the UK they know how to do pop music. For a long time, mainstream American radio has been dominated by hip hop, R&B and country, leaving little room for the run-of-the-mill pop music that I love so dearly. Sure, there are exceptions…Natasha Bedingfield for instance, although her last album definitely crossed over into R&B territory with a couple of tracks.

    Natasha Bedingfield

    I’m optimistic about the future of music in the U.S. right now as America embraces artists like Leona Lewis and Lady Gaga. Both are totally different types of artists, but both have done decent business on this side of the pond. Artists popular in the states are starting to experiment with electro beats, working with producers like RedOne. The only worry I have is that we’re going to start getting cookie cutter pop songs. New artists, same song.

    Leona Lewis & Natasha Bedingfield

    At any rate, with tons more UK acts crossing the pond this Fall and into next year, I’m over the moon! I’m so excited to watch America fall in love with so many of the singers/bands that I’ve been listening to for months and months.