New Album Art Tuesday!

    While some might think that album art today as nothing more than iPod-sized squares, 100 pixels by 100 pixels each (which Hard-Fi alluded to with their last album artwork campaign) – for me, album (and single) sleeve artwork is one of the reasons why I still buy physical CDs. Here are some favorites that have come out over the past couple of weeks.

    Frankmusik - Complete Me

    FrankmusikComplete Me (Out Now)
    While the album may have leaked before it’s official release date, that’s not going to stop me from purchasing it. Singles, “3 Little Words,” “Better Off As Two,” and “Confusion Girl” are good indicators as to what the whole album sounds like. Solid.
    Madonna - Celebration
    Madonna – “Celebration” (Single Out Now)
    Unlike seemingly everyone else, I’m NOT all over this track. Sure, I downloaded it the day it was released on iTunes, but I haven’t listened to it more than twice. Perhaps that’s the problem! I think it’s a grower.
    Sugababes - Get Sexy
    Sugababes – “Get Sexy” (Single Out 8/30/2009)
    I found this song addictive from the beginning. I love it! Sure, there are dumb lyrics (the entire Right Said Fred bit) but the beat is hot. The video is hot. The girls are hot…and the cover art is fittingly HOT. As if this wasn’t a given…I cannot wait for this new album!

    Mika - We Are Golden

    Mika – “We Are Golden” (Single Out 9/6/2009)
    Mika. Love him. This is the first single and title track off of his new album, and while I haven’t listened to it in it’s original form quite yet, I’m sure I’m going to love it. There are already remixes by Don Diablo, Mirwais and Calvin Harris that have surfaced. Good stuff indeed!

    Beverley Knight 100 Percent

    Beverley Knight100% (Album Out 9/14/2009)
    As I talked about before… first single “Beautiful Night” = HOT. Video for first single = HOT. Album artwork…well, have a look for yourself! I think it looks pretty damned hot! I love the red lettering up against her black jacket.

    Mr. Hudson - Straight No Chaser

    Mr. HudsonStraight No Chaser (Out 10/5/2009)
    Not gonna lie. I don’t know who Mr. Hudson is…errr…I didn’t until I posted the album artwork. The artwork just appeals to me. Apparently, Mr. Hudson is a British band (Ben Gunther Hudson [guitar & vocals], Joy Joseph, Rob Barron, Raphael Mann, Wilkie Wilkinson) signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label and Mercury Records. Straight No Chaser is the bands attempt at making a “mainstream record,” and is a follow up to 2007’s A Tale Of Two Cities. I’m game. Consider me listening!

    Blake Lewis - Heartbreak On Vinyl

    Blake Lewis – Heartbreak On Vinyl (Out 10/6/2009)
    OK. My love for Blake Lewis is documented. Love the look of the artwork. Love the colors and the post. Like a sunset! I’m counting down the months until this album is released!
    Artwork via Coverlandia & Covermania