New Cyndi Lauper Remix Album in the Works

    Cyndi Lauper
    Woohoo! I’m excited! ArjanWrites has posted the tracklisting for a new remix album that Cyndi Lauper plans on releasing in February. According to Wikipedia, the album is called Floor Remixes and it comes out on February 18th, but I’ve learned not to trust Wikipedia as a reliable source all of the time. Anyway, here’s the tracklisting:

    1. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun/Set Your HeartRemix by Rich Morel
    2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun/Set Your HeartMashup Remix by Rich Morel
    3. Set Your HeartFreedomBunch Remix 
    4. Time After TimeFreedomBunch Remix
    5. Same Ol’ StoryExtended Mix by Rich Morel
    6. Same Ol’ StoryPink Noise Mix by Rich Morel
    7. True ColoursUkawanimation Mix  
    8. Into The NightlifeFreedomBunch Mix
    9. Into The NightlifeSoul Seekerz Club Mix Dub
    10. High And MightyTom Novy Remix
    11. Echo Remix
    12. True ColorsUkawanimation! Ocarina Mega-Mix
    Thoughts? It’s definitely an interesting tracklisting…including the newish Girls Just Wanna Have Fun/Set Your Heart that was part of her recent live EP. She apparently released a music video for the track which is interesting…it kind of seems like a live performance but not really. Check it out here. I’m not really feeling it but at least Cyndi looks good. Back to the tracklisting…I’m not sure who FreedomBunch is or Ukawanimation, so those mixes should be interesting to hear. The Soul Seekerz mix of “Into The Nightlife” and the Rich Morel mixes of “Same Ol’ Story” have been out for a while (at least they were sent out on various promos). The Tom Novy mix I’m excited about, same with the remix for “Echo,” though I’d love to find out who it’s by. Overall I’m pumped. I loved her Bring Ya To The Brink album and I’m happy it was nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance Recording. Watch the Grammy’s on February 8th to see of Cyndi wins! – Photos Via Cyndi Lauper’s Official Site

    Cyndi LauperCyndi Lauper

    P.S. – Saw Kelly’s video online for “My Life Would Suck Without You.” It’s uber-tacky but cute. Kel looks great! Also, looks like it’s officially official – as of right now, Danity Kane is no more. Dawn Richard confirmed it on MTV News. Sad, but it’s not like we didn’t know this was coming.
    • That mash up of Girls Just Wanna Set Your Heart was awful! It was a Japan only release, which probably explains a lot (they like their music either as balads or high energy techno techno)… I have a feeling this remix album will be of the same ilk (it’s a Japan only album). <BR/><BR/>Bit disappointed as Bring Ya To The Brink was an excellent album. These remixes just cheapen her (and I’m a big

    • Hmm. That’s frustrating. Thanks for your comment!