New Kelly Clarkson & Daniel Merriweather!

    According to both Arjan Writes and Billboard, Kelly Clarkson’s new single, “My Life Would Suck Without You” is due out on January 19th! So close! Apparently this album (from what insiders have heard so far) is very reminiscent of “Breakaway.” This is good news. I admit that I kind of enjoyed a few tracks off “My December” but not nearly as much as I enjoyed “Breakaway.”

    Kelly ClarksonDaniel MerriweatherAlso on Arjan Writes, the video for Aussie singer Daniel Merriweather’s new single called “Change,” featuring Wale. Daniel Merriweather was the voice behind Mark Ronson’s brilliant tune last year “Stop Me.” He’s big in demand now as a featured artist, also appearing as a guest vocalist on Wiley’s new track, “Ca$h In My Pocket.” Merriweather is uber-talented and very cute to boot…so can’t wait for his upcoming solo project. Check out a promotional single that came out a while back called “Chainsaw.” The boy’s got chops!