New Lily Allen Album

    Lily Allen

    Billboard confirmed today that Lily Allen’s follow up to her hit “Alright, Still” will be released on February 10th in the U.S. via Capitol Records. “It’s Not Me, It’s You” comes out a day earlier in the UK via Regal/EMI. I’m soo excited! If her new album sounds like the new song streaming on Lily’s MySpace, then it’s destined to be another biting, witty, sassy hit record. I’m hopin’ for the best! Check out the full Billboard article, here.

    Here’s the tracklisting:

    “Everyone’s At It”
    “The Fear”
    “It’s Not Fair”
    “I Could Say”
    “Go Back To the Start”
    “Never Gonna Happen”
    “F*ck You”
    “Who’d’ve Known”
    “He Wasn’t There”