New Music from Michelle Branch & Vanessa Carlton

    Michelle Branch

    I was excited to see that Michelle Branch had posted a clip of a new song on her official site. Looks like things are movin’ along with her new solo album. I have to admit that I largely ignored her country efforts with pal Jessica Harp (as part of the duo, The Wreckers) and was none too enthused when I learned that she was continuing on the country path as a solo artist. Well, I was plesantly surprised when I listened to a clip of “This Way” on her website. It’s definitely got some country twang but it’s fun and light hearted. I really do miss her rough-around-the-edges vocals and am looking forward to hearing what the rest of her 4th solo album sounds like. – Photo Via Michelle Branch’s Official Website

    Vanessa CarltonOn an semi-unrelated note (only because people always confuse Michelle Branch & Vanessa Carlton) Vanessa Carlton announced on her MySpace blog that she was working on a new album which is exciting. Her last effort didn’t fare too well on the charts, but it was a pretty solid album. She also said she is busy writing for film which is a cool new development. I’d love to see some lovely Vanessa Carlton piano music serve as the score on a new movie. Photo Via Vanessa Carlton’s MySpace Page