New Music: Jordin Sparks’ Battlefield

    Jordin SparksPhoto available at

    The new Jordin Sparks single has leaked in full and it’s AMAZING (Popjustice thinks so too!). I love it! The track was written by Ryan Tedder (of OneRepublic) who has written & produced songs for the likes of Leona Lewis (“Bleeding Love”), Hilary Duff, Jennifer Hudson, Shayne Ward, Natasha Bedingfield and countless others.

    I agree with The Prophet, who compares it to Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway.” It totally straddles the line between R&B and Top 40 pop and I can see this doing well on the radio here in the States. The single is released digitally in the States tomorrow (May 12th), goes to radio on May 25th and comes out in the UK on June 22nd.

    Jordin Sparks - BattlefieldSparks is also expected to perform the new single on Wednesday’s American Idol results show, with Ryan Tedder accompanying her on the guitar. Sparks doesn’t always sound brilliant live so I’m hoping for the best with her live performance. Either way, I can’t wait for this song! JAM!

    EDIT: I forgot! I just received my German CD Maxi of Jordin’s “One Step At A Time” with 4 remixes (Jason Nevins, Mike Rizzo, Tonal & Grayson). Yay! Not the best Jordin Sparks single, but I love me some remixes! Get yours at Perfect Beat while supplies last!

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