New Stacie Orrico Music!

    Stacie OrricoYES! This makes me excited. According to The Prophet, Stacie Orrico is back in the studio and recording a hot new song. While it is in fact a ballad, and I’m usually not too crazy about ballads, this one sounds BEAUTIFUL! The YouTube clip features Brandon Beal in the studio while Stacie is recording live. You hear her singing the track, tentatively called “Light Years Apart,” before all the production work is done. It’s raw, uninhibited…just Stacie and her tremendous voice. I knew the girl could sing but wow. I’m just as impressed as the Prophet!

    Stacie OrricoHer last R&B record, Beautiful Awakening, was due to be released in the US in late August of 2006 however she split with Virgin records before it could be released. The album went on to be released in Japan and Europe and Canada. As far as I know, she still hasn’t found a new label. After hearing this track, she shouldn’t have any trouble at all.

    • It’s nice to see Stacie Orrico finally working on some new music.<BR/>She was my inspiration to music, so I am very glad to hear she is coming back!!!

    • I know! I love her. I admit that I only got into her when she started doing POP. She has a great voice. I hope her next album gets some proper promotion.

    • Dallas

      I’ve been a big fan of her’s since 2000. I can’t wait for this next album. I always known she could sing, but damn has her voice improved over the years. Love the song!