New t.A.T.u.!!

    Russian faux-lesbian electro-pop group, t.A.T.u. is back with a new single Beliy Plaschik (White Robe). I wish I spoke Russian, but I don’t. Well known for their controversial videos, this new one is no different. The video features the girls (Lena & Yulia)…one is some sort of military officer, the other is in prison. At the end of the video, Yulia’s white robe is removed exposing a massively pregnant belly. She is bound with her arms above her head…and then Lena orders her to be killed by firing squad. Brutal! I’m guessing the video I saw was the edit as there is supposed to be a more graphic version that’s too hot for TV. It’s from their new album, Waste Management (Upravleniye Otbrosami) which is due to be released around Christmas time. The English version of the album will be released after the New Year, coinciding with the release of the film Finding t.A.T.u. They are promising a dancier record this time. No more Sting guest appearances.

    I’ll post the video in a bit.