Noisettes – A Little Bit of Everything

    Noisettes - Wild Young HeartsSo one of the CDs I bought while in London a couple weeks ago was the new album from the Noisettes, a UK indie rock band. Why did I buy this CD? Honestly, I bought it because it was one of the new releases that was going to be out there while I was there. Also, I bought their previous album, What’s The Time Mr Wolf? so I knew that I liked their sound.

    Noisettes - What's The Time Mr Wolf?The thing is, I never really listened to the album the full way through, choosing instead to listen to a few of the singles (“Scratch Your Name,” “Don’t Give Up“). This was at the time that I was walking into Newbury Comics after work and buying CDs from bands that I wanted to check out (the CD also happened to be on sale).

    Shingai Shoniwa

    While listening to my iPod at work last week, one of their songs came up on my random pop playlist. I was instantly hooked! Lead singer and bassist Shingai Shoniwa has an interesting voice that calls to mind, Amy Winehouse. Their last UK single, “Don’t Upset The Rhythm” is an infectious, up-tempo jam and the rest of their new album, Wild Young Hearts, (also the name of their first single off the new album) is solid through and through. If they’re ever back in the States, I’d love to see them live!

    Shingai Shoniwa

    According to Radio 1, their 3rd single will be “Never Forget You,” (June 15th).

    Check out Noisettes on the web: MySpace/LastFM/YouTube