Ones to Watch in 2012: Beatrice Eli

    I tell ya, there must be something in the Swedish water supply that’s conducive to the creation of amazing pop music.  Beatrice Eli is yet ANOTHER talented singer/songwriter hailing from Sweden.  Dark and twisty, her style is a tasteful yet seductive combination of dark, atmospheric pop vocals and trippy electronic beats, coming together in the form of a masterful debut single, “The Conqueror.”  From the press release:

    “Combining heart-swelling vocals, offbeat production and wrenching lyrics about love and loss, ‘The Conqueror’ may well be one of the most devastating yet beautiful pop songs you’re likely to hear all year.”

    Eli’s musical influences range from jazz and soul to hip-hop, electronic and rock, citing everyone from The Notorious B.I.G. and Janet Jackson to Bjork, Salt N Pepa and Nirvana.  Eli says, “I’ve realized I like classical arrangements, strong lyrics and hooks. If you have that, you can put an interesting production on it and make it fresh, but also timeless.”  “The Conqueror” really is a beautiful introduction to Beatrice Eli, highlighting her strengths as a songwriter and all around creative soul.  Explaining the meaning behind the song, Eli says:

    “‘The Conqueror’ might seem like a traditional love song, but I wrote it from seeing people – and being in a situation myself – where you find yourself loving the other person’s love more than being in love.  It’s like if you manage to conquer his love and own his heart, even though you fail as a couple, at least you’ll be remembered. You’ll always be special for that person.'”

    Insightful indeed.  Check out the stunning video for “The Conqueror” below. Looks wise, Eli resembles like a punkier version of Jessie J, but her sound is completely original.  After listening to the song on repeat, I am absolutely hooked, and I think you will be too.  No word when the single will be released to the masses but for now, you can snag this free remix by Starkey HERE.  Make sure you also check out her mash-up of “The Conqueror” and “Underground Kings” by Drake HERE.  Beatrice Eli is managed by Levels Entertainment, the same team behind Josh Kumra, Wretch 32 and Yasmin and is currently is signed to EMI Publishing.

    Check out Beatrice Eli on the web: