Paloma Faith To Release ‘New York’ Remix with Ghostface Killah

    I don’t know how I missed this news, but apparently UK singer/songwriter Paloma Faith will be re-releasing her second (and highest charting) single as a remix featuring the Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah.  Not quite sure about this decision. Sure, of the four singles released off of Do You Want The Truth of Something Beautiful?, “New York” was the highest charting, but why not wait until we have some new material?  We already know, thanks to Twitter, that the next album is already in it’s beginning stages.  Do we really need a generic Urban remix of an already PERFECT pop song? Personally, I don’t think so.  I guess the good folks at Epic think otherwise. That’s fine. I’ll continue to support Faith, whom I think is too great a talent to let slip by the way side.  Despite her debut album making the Top Ten, the highest charting single off the album only made it to #15.  “Stone Cold Sober” made it to #17, followed by “New York,” followed by the album’s title track at #64 and finally with “Upside Down” which peaked at a dismal #55.  Does Epic really think this remix is going to do anything on the charts?

    I’d love to be proven wrong. I really would…I’m just being realistic here.  It sounds like Faith realizes what a tough industry she’s in.  In a March interview with Digital Spy, she acknowledges that she has to SELL records in order to avoid getting dropped by her label.  “I think they’ll keep me for this next album, but if I keep making losses for them of course they’ll just drop me.”  A sad but true statement. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see what her next album sounds like, but I fear that prospects of her coming here to the U.S. are slim to none.  The Ghostface Killah remix of “New York” will be available in the UK on August 1st.  Listen to the remix below.

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