Paradiso Girls

    I’ve mentioned once before that Chelsea Korka from TVs The Pussycat Dolls Present: Search For The Next Doll has joined a new girl group. The group, formed by PCD visionary, Robin Antin are going to be marketed as a European Pussycat Dolls with some slight changes. One major change will be the lack of a lead singer–a “Nicole Scherzinger” if you will. The girls are from the UK, France and America. Anyway, Korka posted new pictures on her MySpace page of the fledgling girl group. They kind of remind me of the Pussycat Dolls…so I guess Robin Antin achieved what she set out to do. Like I said in the last post, they are currently signed to Interscope Records. Information is trickling out about the girls pretty slowly right now. It appears that they are in rehearsals and that Chelsea has been working on perfecting her dance moves so as I get info, I’ll post it!