Pink or Gaga? – That Is The Question

    Two CDs that I want come out tomorrow – P!NK’s new album, Funhouse and Lady Gaga’s album The Fame. I don’t think I should buy both for financial reasons but I don’t know which one to get. I’ve heard both albums in full already and both are pretty amazing. I think Lady Gaga might have the edge, but only because I’ve listened it to it way more often (since it had it’s Canadian release a few months back. Let’s break down my options:

    Lady Gaga – The Fame:

    New York City club queen, Lady Gaga (born Stefani Gabriella Germanotta) has a hard, edgy dance-club album out full of potential club hits. Favorites of mine include all the singles released so far (“Beautiful, Dirty, Rich,” “Poker Face,” “Just Dance”) as well as songs that would make excellent, commercial singles (“Love Game,” “Starstruck,” “The Fame”) – who am I kidding. All of the songs would make great singles! Lady Gaga’s record is pure dance-pop fun! She doesn’t take herself TOO seriously (as evidenced by her wack-a-doo fashion sense), which I like. She knows what her audience wants and lives up it. She’s a blend of Gwen Stefani, Fergie, and Madonna. I, personally think she is the best of all three! Whether or not her career will see the same kind of longevity as Madonna’s career has remains to be seen.

    Lady Gaga - The Fame
    Tracklisting (U.S. Version):

    “Just Dance” (featuring Colby O’Donis) – 4:04
    “Love Game” – 3:33
    “Paparazzi” – 3:30
    “Poker Face” – 3:59
    “Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)” – 2:57
    “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” – 2:54
    “The Fame” – 3:44
    “Money Honey” – 3:08
    “Starstruck” (featuring Space Cowboy and Flo Rida) (Produced by Martin Kierszenbaum and Space Cowboy) – 3:37
    “Boys Boys Boys” – 3:22
    “Paper Gangsta” (Produced by RedOne) – 4:23
    “Brown Eyes” – 4:05
    “I Like It Rough” – 3:22
    “Summerboy” – 4:16

    P!NK – Funhouse:

    I’ve pretty much only given P!NK’s new album a once-over listen all the way through. To be honest, no tracks other than “So What” stand out but that’s probably only because I haven’t listened to it all more than once. P!NK’s sound is completely different than Lady Gaga’s – more rock-tinged pop than dance-pop, P!NK’s album is a bit deeper and less superficial, which I guess could be a good thing. It’s meant to be taken at more than face value and it’s meant to FELT. Not that Gaga’s music isn’t FELT…it’s just much more fluffy than P!NK’s style. The only reason I’ve considering purchasing this album is because I KNOW it has the potential to live up to my expectations. Her last album, I’m Not Dead, was fantastic and early reviews that I’ve read have been decent for this new record. I just don’t have enough to go on yet.

    Pink - Funhouse


    1 “So What” – 3:37
    2 “Sober” – 4:14
    3 “I Don’t Believe You” – 4:38
    4 “One Foot Wrong” – 3:27
    5 “Please Don’t Leave Me” – 3:54
    6 “Bad Influence” – 3:38
    7 “Funhouse” – 3:27
    8 “Crystal Ball” – 3:28
    9 “Mean” – 4:20
    10 “It’s All Your Fault” – 3:54
    11 “Ave Mary A” – 3:18
    12 “Glitter In The Air” – 3:49

    What to do, what to do? Thoughts? If I had to buy JUST one of the CDs, which would you buy?
    ON DECK – Anastacia – Heavy Rotation:

    Anastacia - Heavy Rotation

    I’ve listened to Anastacia’s new record, Heavy Rotation and I’m not sold yet on whether or not I should buy it. I’ve always loved Anastacia but again, haven’t listened to this record enough yet to justify purchasing it. I’m not completely sold that I will love her whole, entire record through and through, like I KNOW I will P!NK and Lady Gaga. Thoughts on this?
    • I just bought the Pink CD this evening. <BR/><BR/>And last week, I bought tickets for her February concert 🙂 I love that I’m going to see her again, her last show blew me away.