P!NK – So What – The Remixes

    When I first heard P!nk’s new single off her new album, “Funhouse,” I of course got excited. I picked up a copy of her last album (“I’m Not Dead“) when it was released in the UK (a day before it came out in the U.S.) and loved it. It was the first P!nk album I had ever purchased. I knew a few singles but that was all. I’m equally excited for this new album…possibly even more so. A new album is always a lot of pressure for an artist…especially a follow up to a popular/successful album. With the new single comes the inevitable remixes. The only one I’ve heard so far is an edit by British remixers Bimbo Jones. I’m not blown away. I was hoping for something more “ROCK-POP.” I think this remix dillutes the edge of the single version. Hopefully Eddie Baez (another rumored remixer) will turn it up and here’s hopin’ we get some more dope mixes out of this jem.

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