Promising Pop: Maja Francis – Last Days Of Dancing

    Maja Francis is another promising pop singer/songwriter hailing from Sweden. Listen to her debut single, "Last Days of Dancing."

    Maja Francis is a delightful new Swedish import I would like you to check out. Yeah, yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “ANOTHER pretty blonde singer/songwriter from Sweden? Is her name ‘Tove?'” Firstly, no—her name is NOT Tove. Her name is MAJA (pronounced Maya). Secondly, trust me. This girl is definitely one to keep your eye on. Just listen to her shimmery debut single, “Last Days of Dancing.”

    Premiering Wednesday over on Stereogum, “Last Days of Dancing” definitely has a certain je ne sais quoi about it that reads “SWEDISH POP” and while the synthpop market is quickly filling up with similar artists, I believe Maja Francis‘ voice is unique enough that she will have no problem standing out in that blue and yellow crowd.  With an ethereal vocal style reminiscent of—let’s say Kate Bush, Polly Scattergood or burgeoning new talent, Alex Winston—the song’s euphoric, synth-laden chorus makes “Last Days of Dancing” the summer anthem you likely haven’t discovered yet.

    I don’t know much about Maja Francis, but going by what’s written in her social media bios—she’s from Stockholm, she likes “glitter pavements” (European for “sidewalks” I think?) and “neon raindrops,” OH and her songs are “written in space.” Tove Styrke also follows her on Twitter, so that says something, doesn’t it? I’m choosing to think so.

    Check out Maja Francis, a new Swedish singer/songwriter worth some of your time.

    OK OK, all jokes aside here’s what I do know about Maja Francis (per the official press release). She’s the latest signee to Sweden Music/Universal Sweden (AKA home to fellow Swede and Music Is My King Size Bed fav, Seinabo Sey). Her debut single, “Last Days of Dancing” is “an ode to ever-fleeting youth” and will be released in the U.S. later this summer. If you live, well not in America, she will be playing Way Out West this summer in Göteborg, Sweden (lovely city, I’ve actually been there!) and is currently supporting Tove Lo (the other “TOVE“) and Seinabo Sey on select dates in Scandinavia. Here’s hoping Maja Francis makes her way stateside this year.

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