Listen to Beginning of Anything by Quigley

Promising Pop: QUIGLEY – Beginning Of Anything

    Listen to Beginning of Anything by Quigley
    PHOTO CREDIT: Jordan Voth

    LA-based/Midwest born (Minneapolis, to be specific) artist QUIGLEY is one I’ve had my eye on for a while now. Back in May of 2012 (almost 3 years ago!? WHAT?!) I did a write up, calling QUIGLEYOne to Watch‘. Now she’s back and, dare I say BETTER THAN EVER. Holy MOLY this new material is lovely. Case in point, listen to this new CHOON, “Beginning Of Anything” (a collaboration with fellow Minneapolitan SOMBEAR) and I think you’ll pick up what I’m putting down.

    While I definitely loved what QUIGLEY was doing on her debut Pleiades, I like what she’s doing now 10X more. The production sounds more CURRENT and a better match with her vocals. Comparing the two QUIGLEY eras, it sounds to me that she’s grown more confident as an artist, which shows in her vocals. I for one am happy to hear this girl back doing what she does best; churning out slick, synthy BOPS like “Beginning Of Anything” and the delightfully quirky “Lost Again,” which reminds me of a more ELECTRO version of The Voice (U.S.) contestant Melanie Martinez. Her light and airy vocals effortlessly float on top sparkly electronic beats, handclaps, fingers snaps and assorted other sounds. You can’t help but have a little dance party in your chair, on the subway, wherever you find yourself. Check out “Lost Again” below.

    As a music fan, I have a wide variety of artists and genres of music that I’m drawn to. Similarly, I tend to like artists that draw inspiration from all over the musical spectrum. QUIGLEY looks up to, including Prince (also from Minneapolis), the Spice Girls, Kate Bush, and Imogen Heap to name a couple. Another thing I respect in an artist is his or her ability to write their own music in such a way that if forms connections with listeners. QUIGLEY is that and more for me. Not only does QUIGLEY write and sing her own material, but she’s also taken a stab at production. Impressive. According to QUIGLEY,

    “I love mashing my vocals and quirky synthesizers together and then sampling them to create completely original sounds. No one can slow you down if you can make your own music in your bedroom. There’s no end to what one person and their laptop can create.”

    QUIGLEY will drop her new EP, Initium next week (May 8th), featuring original material that she both wrote and produced herself. If the first three CHOONS released are any indication (check out “Post Post Apocalypse” released last month), I think we’re in for a real treat. QUIGLEYis hot on my list of acts I need to see perform live ASAP.

    Check Out QUIGLEY Online: Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud