New Songs from Chelsea Lankes, Ariana & The Rose and ELOHIM

Promising Pop: ‘Since I’ve Been Gone’ Edition – Part 1

    So…HI! it’s been a month.


    While I wish I could blame my absence on Adele (“Congrats, girl”), Rihanna (“I don’t have time for GAMES, girl”),  or Britney (“Hey girl, so what’s coming?”) —I can’t. I had to take a break from writing because, for a about a month now I’ve been dealing with some very painful carpal tunnel symptoms in both of my hands. NOT fun. While I’m waiting to see an orthopedist to discuss next steps, the pain has become a bit more manageable, to the point where I feel like I can write without exacerbating the issue. SO here we go!

    Promising Pop

    New Songs from Chelsea Lankes, Ariana & The Rose and ELOHIM

    While I haven’t been writing these past few weeks, I have been listening—to music. LOTS of it. AND going to shows—LOTS of them. And buying tickets to future shows—LOTS of them. I am like a musical sponge—soaking up vibes twenty-four-seven. So, for my first post in—well, in a month I want to do a bigger-than-average ‘Promising Pop‘ segment (divided into several parts of course), highlighting some artists and tunes you might have missed. First up, we have music from some LA-based pop singer/songwriter Chelsea Lankes, London-based art-synthpop singer/songwriter Ariana & The Rose and Music Is My King Size Bed-favorite ELOHIM.

    Chelsea Lankes – Home

    Chelsea Lankes Releases New Single Home, out Now via B3SCI Records

    First up, a new tune from Texas-bred/LA-based singer songwriter Chelsea Lankes. I had the pleasure of seeing Chelsea perform live at the (now defunct) Westway in the West Village for a Popshop NYC event, (along with Tove Styrke). Now, at the time I didn’t know much about her but what I did hear, I was into. Her latest release, “Home” is  an effervescent spot of synthpop, complete with a bright, punchy chorus complemented by Lanke’s breathy yet confident vocals. “Home” is out now (iTunes | Spotify). Be on the lookout for a new EP, due in 2016 on B3SCI Records.

    Ariana & The Rose – Give Up The Ghost

    Ariana and The Rose Releases New Single, Give Up The Ghost

    Up until this point, Ariana & The Rose was just teetering on the edge of my musical periphery without ever really crossing into LOVE territory. My familiarity with the London-based New Yorker act was largely due to a bevy of top notch remixes commissioned for past singles “In Your Bed,” and “Heartbeat,” and while I somewhat enjoyed the original versions, it wasn’t enough to officially turn me into a fan. Now with “Give Up The Ghost” (iTunes | Spotify) I can finally say that I am smitten with Ariana & The Rose and not just a dance remix. While “Give Up The Ghost” maintains that quirky, “left-of-center” alt-pop vibe she’s known for, it’s decidedly more club-friendly than previous releases. Featuring Ariana’s haunting vocals soaring over an electrically charged synth-line and topped off by Tom Fuller‘s (Patrick Wolf, Tinchy Stryder, The Chemical Brothers) beautifully layered production—”Give Up The Ghost” is destined for the dance floor. SPEAKING of the dance floor, check out this brand new remix by Embody. Look out for a new EP, Survival of The Fittest, due out in 2016.

    Elohim – Bridge And The Wall

    Bridge and The Wall is the brand new single from LA-based electronic pop act ELOHIM

    At this point, my love for LA-based synthpop singer and producer ELOHIM is well known and well documented. Following on the heels of previous synth stunners “She Talks Too Much” and “Xanax,” “Bridge And The Wall” (iTunes | Spotify) is the latest release from the über talented, über mysterious musical dynamo and SHOCKERit’s amazing. “Bridge And The Wall” is another expertly crafted, flawlessly executed piece of electronic pop. ELOHIM‘s light and airy vocals dance on top of delicate, glimmering synths, building strength and intensity by the time the song hits the understatedly exuberant chorus. It’s that chorus that makes me think “Bridge And The Wall” could be ELOHIM‘s most commercial (in a good way) song yet. I could totally hear this playing in a movie trailer or in a promo spot for a TV show. Having just wrapped up a 3-week co-headline residency (alongside The Big Pink) at The Echo in Los Angeles, we can expect more from this enigmatic and utterly captivating talent in the new year. Meanwhile, a Limited Edition 12″ AA Single featuring “Bridge And The Wall” is available for pre-order on her label, B3SCI‘s website.