Queen of Pop Gearing Up To Release New Single & Hits Compilation

    There’s definitely going to be a Celebration on September 29th as Madonna releases her third Greatest Hits collaboration and final album with Warner Brothers Records (Madonna inked a new deal with Live Nation in 2007). New single and title track, “Celebration” will serve as the first single (released to DJs July 24th and to radio August 3rd).
    Madonna Celebration

    I have yet to hear a single snippet of this new song, co-produced by Madonna and Paul Oakenfold. I want to be surprised…hopefully pleasantly. I wasn’t such a big fan of Madonna’s last album, Hard Candy…the R&B/Hip-hop influence just didn’t work for me with Madonna’s vocals. SORRY! Most of the songs just sound forced, contrived…blah. My favorite tracks on the album were the ones that leaned more towards the pop side of the spectrum…”4 Minutes,” and “Miles Away.” In my opinion, the dance beat-driven sounds of Confessions On The Dance Floor are far superior to the urban influenced beats of Hard Candy.


    While the tracklisting hasn’t been released just yet Billboard reports that Madonna’s label has confirmed that “Celebration will contain songs ‘remastered and selected by Madonna and her fans’ including ‘Everybody,’ ‘Express Yourself,’ ‘Vogue’ and ‘4 Minutes.'”

    So…it looks like unlike her previous two GH albums…this one is going to be an overall compilation…including tracks that were on the first two. I guess it makes sense. Billboard goes on to say that “the album will be available in both single-disc and double-disc configurations and a DVD of the icon’s music videos will also be issued simultaneously.”

    Can’t wait for this! Also…can I just say how much I LOVE the album artwork? Not really original but still HOT. Way to keep it classy. Are you all excited for a Celebration?

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