[Review] Polly Scattergood – Wanderlust

    Polly Scattergood | Wanderlust
    Wanderlust” is the name of UK singer/songwriter Polly Scattergood‘s brand new single, taken from her forthcoming sophomore album, Arrows, due out this summer on Mute Records.  According to the press release;

    “Written during time spent in Berlin and Norfolk, this new track combines Scattergood’s trademark mix of storytelling and soul-searching; but also looks outwards and heavenwards, spinning sonic playfulness around while stretching for new skylines.”

    This song is EVERYTHING to me right now. It’s dark. It’s moody.  It’s a bit fairy-like, supernatural or ethereal even.  It’s subtle, it’s intense. It’s a bunch of contradictions that work and make beautiful music.  If this review sounds like a bit of a ramble session, forgive me! I’m struggling to string together a coherent thought. There’s just something about this song that I am entranced by…  To be perfectly honest, I think I’m just a bit enamored with the artist herself, and hopefully you will be too after listening to “Wanderlust.”

    After hearing smatterings of Polly Scattergood‘s music back in 2008-2009 (“Other Too Endless,” “Please Don’t Touch“), I immediately added her debut self-titled album to my “MUST BUY” list, picking it up during a subsequent trip to London.  There’s something about how Scattergood’s light, feathery vocals mixes with the dark and stormy electronic production found on each of her tracks.  Her tone is just so fragile and dainty, but when combined with the rich, atmospheric production its MAGICAL. If Glinda The Good Witch were a slightly bad ass electro-rocker chick/singer-songwriter…I think she’d sound a lot like Polly Scattergood.

    Wanderlust” will be available to download April 2nd, featuring remixes by Charli XCX (LISTEN BELOW) and How To Dress Well.  Arrows is out June 17th.  Check out the “Wanderlust” lyric video BELOW and be sure and check out another standout song called “Disco Damaged Kid.”

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