Robbie Williams Reveals Artwork and Tracklisting for New Greatest Hits Collection

    member back in June when I talked about the new Robbie Williams greatest hits compilation? Well, we now have a tracklisting AND cover art. In and Out of Consciousness – The Greatest Hits 1990 – 2010 comes out October 11th (October 12th in the States) and features the single, “Shame” co-written AND featuring former bandmate Gary Barlow, new track “Heart and I” (also written with Barlow) + 37 other favorites from the last twenty years of Williams’ career. Isn’t the album artwork STUNNING? The photo was captured by photographer Julian Broad (who also handled the cover art for last album Reality Killed The Video Star and it’s first single “Bodies“) in Malibu, California. What’s hotter than Robbie Williams walking on a beach with waves crashing behind him…wind blowing up his button down shirt? NOTHING, as far as I’m concerned! The video for first single “Shame” was filmed in a country/western bar and features Williams and Barlow in a sort of ‘Brokeback Mountain‘-like situation. I’m intrigued slash a little excited.

    Oh…and what’s more? Robbie Williams will be joining his former Take That bandmates for an upcoming new album AND tour. Looks like Robbie’s greatest hits album will be coming out at JUST the right time. “Shame” comes out October 4th. Check out the full tracklisting below and if you haven’t seen the video about the new CD check that out HERE. Looks like this Fall is going to be all about Robbie Williams and I think I’m alright with that.

    DISC 1:

    1 Shame (w/ Gary Barlow)
    2 Heart And I
    3 You Know Me
    4 Bodies
    5 Morning Sun
    6 She’s Madonna
    7 Lovelight
    8 Rudebox
    9 Sin Sin Sin
    10 Advertising Space
    11 Make Me Pure
    12 Tripping
    13 Misunderstood
    14 Radio
    15 Sexed Up
    16 Something Beautiful
    17 Come Undone
    18 Feel
    19 Mr Bojangles

    DISC 2:

    1 I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen
    2 Somethin’ Stupid (feat. Nicole Kidman)
    3 The Road To Mandalay
    4 Eternity
    5 Let Love Be Your Energy
    6 Supreme
    7 Kids (w/ Kylie Minogue)
    8 Rock DJ
    9 It’s Only Us
    10 She’s The One
    11 Strong
    12 No Regrets
    13 Millennium
    14 Let Me Entertain You
    15 Angels
    16 South Of The Border
    17 Lazy Days
    18 Old Before I Die
    19 Freedom
    20 Everything Changes (w/ Take That)
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