Róisín Murphy Defends Herself and Talks New Music

    I’ve never been one to shy away from artists with similar vibes, which is why recent comments from Irish electro-pop artist (and former member of Moloko) Róisín Murphy, ceased to bother me. When I first read the reports that Róisín Murphy was going on the offensive, claiming that Lady Gaga stole her look…it all sounded to me like it was taken out of context. Claiming that Murphy said “Lady Gaga is just a poor imitation of me,” didn’t sound right at all, given what a classy lady Murphy appears to be.

    Roisin Murphy - OverpoweredIn attempt to clear the air, Murphy issued an official statement, where she defends her comments and confirms that they were in fact taken out of context. According to Murphy, the quote about Lady Gaga being “just a poor imitation” was completely fabricated. On her official blog, Murphy says “I respect Lady Gaga’s work as an artist and as a fellow fashion icon. She is a very talented performer, playing piano, singing live and dancing too.” My thoughts exactly. I think there’s room in the music world for the both of them.

    In an interview with ArjanWrites.com, Murphy sheds a little more light on this situation. Explaining why she released an official statement, she says, “It’s for the fans, it is not for the average Daily Mail readers…At least as long as my fans know that this is not the way I am.” I’m certainly glad that she did come out and say something. It’s clear that she cares for her loyal fan base and doesn’t want any falsities out there about here. I think her true fans knew that there was something amiss here, as soon as the claims came out.

    Roisin Murphy - Movie StarMoving on from the tabloid controversy, Arjan asks Murphy about her new music. I’m beyond thrilled at the idea of a new Róisín Murphy CD. I still very much love Ruby Blue and Overpowered, so the chance to add another album to my collection is very exciting. According to Murphy, the as yet untitled album was recorded in London and is in the mixing stages, with some tracks as of yet, still unfinished. Judging from the interview, the new album sounds like a nice mix of genres…from “British urban,” to house music to “old-school electro.” One song called “Billionaire” was produced by Seiji, who also produced much of Murphy’s last album.

    Roisin Murphy - You Know Me BetterWhatever her new album sounds like, you can be certain of two things…I’m going to love it AND you’ll probably hear it on an upcoming season of So You Think You Can Dance.

    Roisin MurphyCheck out the interview with Róisín Murphy on ArjanWrites.com, and on EQ, where Raj discussed her charity work as well as delved a little bit deeper into the Lady Gaga controversy.

    Roisin Murphy - Let Me KnowCheck out Róisín Murphy on the web: Official Site//Official Blog//MySpace//Facebook//YouTube

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