Róisín Murphy is “Orally Fixated”

    Irish singer/songwriter Róisín Murphy has always been one of my favorite artists to come out of Europe. I loved her debut album, Ruby Blue (produced by the brilliant Matthew Herbert) as well as her more dance-poppy follow up, Overpowered. When Murphy made an appearance in New York City last year, I was hoping it was the start of a career in the States but that was never to be. Lucky for me there will always be albums for sale overseas and dance competition show So You Think You Can Dance seems to be a fan as well, choreographing various numbers to a couple of Murphy’s songs.

    Roisin Murphy - Orally Fixated

    When I first heard that new Róisín Murphy material would be making it’s way onto the airwaves soon, I started to get exited. Originally we were supposed to hear the track by the end of the summer, however that time came and went. Now…finally! We have it. It’s called “Orally Fixated” and it’s produced by Seiji (of Bugz in the Attic), with whom Murphy collaborated with on her last album.

    I have to say that at first listen, I wasn’t a fan. I thought the track started out super strong, but by the time the first verse hit, I wasn’t feeling how they worked with the beat. The lyrics were a bit odd and the track seemed overall very disjointed. Well…after having listened to it a few more times I am liking it quite a bit more.

    In a video blog announcing the new single, a very pregnant Róisín Murphy explains the inspiration for the song as being her pregnancy. Having to give up smoking, she found herself more orally fixated. She describes the sound of the new single & album as a bit darker than Overpowered as well as “tough and modern” and dance-floor ready. The album is still in the works. Murphy asks her fans to wait for her while she takes some time off to have her baby. Oh don’t worry Róisín. I’m not going anywhere! The single is out in the UK on November 16th and in the U.S. on November 17th.

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