Sally Shapiro – Love In July

    Sally Shapiro

    I just saw the new Sally Shapiro video for her single “Love In July,” out on July 17th. What a cute video. Generally, I’m irritated when a video for a song is released without an appearance by the singer…but in Swedish singer Sally Shapiro’s case, I’ll make an exception.
    Sally Shapiro
    Shapiro has shied away from publicity since she first gained popularity in 2006-2007. In fact, the name Sally Shapiro is just a pseudonym. Shapiro’s style definitely falls into the electro-pop genre, which is my preferred style these days. I enjoyed a few songs off of her first album, Disco Romance, and downloaded the remix EP for “I’ll Be By Your Side.” I downloaded a few remixes from her Remix Romance Volumes 1 & 2, released last year and really dig the first single, “Miracle” off of the new album My Guilty Pleasure, out August 25th.
    Love In July - Sally Shapiro
    Popjustice featured “Love In July” as their song of the day this past Friday and included the video. The video is the animated tale of a goldfish and his friendship with a whale. It’s very Finding Nemo-esque. It’s also completely random. I don’t care though, I find it absolutely adorable.
    Check out Sally Shapiro on the web: Official Site//MySpace//Facebook//Twitter