Sarah McLachlan all about ‘Forgiveness’ with Release of Second Single

    For all I say AGAINST ballads, there are certain singers who are right at home singing a ballad. One of those singers is Sarah McLachlan. “Angel,” “Adia,” “Fallen,” – the majority of the singles she’s released have been ballads and that’s fine. Sarah McLachlan knows how to write AND sing a proper ballad and “Forgiveness” is no exception. Co-written by McLachlan and album producer Pierre Marchand, “Forgiveness” will be the second single off of McLachlan’s 7th studio album, Laws of Illusion.  McLachlan’s new album peaked on the Billboard 200 at #3 (having since fallen to #9), and while first single “Loving You Is Easy” failed to enter the Billboard Hot 100, it DID debut at #28 on Billboard‘s Adult Contemporary chart as well as hitting #38 on Billboard’s Adult Top 40 chart.  “Forgiveness” is another Sarah McLachlan classic so here’s hoping this one does well. Interesting that the single artwork for “Forgiveness” features the same autumnal color palette as “Loving You Is Easy.”  Listen to the single below. It will be released July 13th.

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