Suckered Into Buying Jennifer Hudson’s Album

    Jennifer Hudson

    So…while I admittedly love a good deal, I just got suckered into buying a CD for a “free” registered version of WinZip. While I’m sure I could illegally download this software, I wound up going to the Winzip website which gives you 2 options – download the freeware version and have it expire after a period of time, or sign up for one of many “offers” from companies like American Express, Sony, Apple, etc – and get a registration pin so that my software would not expire. I wound up choosing the Sony option, where you had to buy ONE thing from the Sony store, after which they send your information to WinZip as proof that you made the purchase and then Winzip will send me a registration key or something. I’m pretty sure this was a dumb idea on my part, but oh well. Of the CDs on Sony’s site I wound up choosing Jennifer Hudson’s self-titled debut album. While I’ve been a JHud fan since Idol, and I enjoyed “Spotlight” and the subsequent dance remixes that followed, I ABHOR sub-par, average, mid-tempo R&B and most slow jam-type ballads.

    What are people thinking about Jennifer Hudson’s debut? Anyone?