Taylor Swift Club Remixes?

    Taylor Swift - Love StoryTrust me. I was slightly perplexed when I heard about these as well. In preparation for Taylor’s UK unveiling (“Love Story” is released in February, and her album Fearless a month later) there is an impressive remix package being serviced to DJs. Now a remix of a country tune isn’t unheard of. It’s happened before with crossover talent like Faith Hill and Shania Twain, & Jewel. It’s even happened with more overtly country acts like Gretchen Wilson and Dolly Parton. I don’t really know why I’m surprised by the release of these Taylor Swift remixes. Perhaps just because the song has been out here in the US for a while, I had sort of given up hope. Additionally Swift’s record label recently put out a Top 40 mix (available on iTunes) of the song to appeal to a broader range of US radio stations. The song is a hit so its a smart move for the label to try and make it hit on as many levels in as many markets as it possibly can. It’s just an unexpected surprise. Remixes are by J Stax and Digital Dog.

    Taylor Swift - Fearless - International Album Art