Terror Jr. return, yet again with a smash—listen to "Trippin," the trio's latest release.

Listen To This: Trippin by Terror Jr.

    Terror Jr. return, yet again with a smash—listen to "Trippin," the trio's latest release.

    With their latest release, “Trippin,” (mostly) anonymous future-pop trio Terror Jr. continue to piqué the collective curiosities of musically-inclined fools everywhere. Following on the heels of the band’s previous two fire-starters, “Three Strikes” and “Sugar,” the enigmatic threesome return with “Trippin,” their most melodic offering to date. Listen to the Jamie xx-sampling tune below (nice sleuthing by Gorilla vs. Bear).

    While “Trippin” utilizes the same glossy, [overly] processed vocal effects heard on the previous releases, the song’s intro appears to have the longest stretch of uninterrupted vocal melody of any Terror Jr. song released thus far, with mysterious vocalist “Lisa” jumping in almost immediately on the first verse; Felix Snow‘s trademark vocal chop-shop in full operation. The song premiered May 24th on V. Magazine, who went on to call the track “a saccharine dose of pop,” and while “Trippin” has yet to be made commercially available, the speed at which the band is writing and churning out releases, signals an impending release of some kind.

    What I love about Terror Jr.—in addition to their obvious penchant for making forward-thinking pop music complete with shimmering melodies, backed by cutting edge production—is the air of mystery that follows them. Sure, we know 2/3 of Terror Jr.—electro-pop/production wunderkind Felix Snow, and songwriter to the [future] stars, David aka Campa, but who the heck is “Lisa“? Two months out and we still don’t know and we’re strangely fine with it, because the quality of music is so elevated. For me, this air of mystery just adds something to the allure of Terror Jr. Can’t wait to hear what these guys come up with next!

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