The Ting Tings Rock Boston & Some Other Music News

    Ting Tings at the Paradise

    Got back from the Ting Tings performance at the Paradise in Boston. Amazing show. Of course, it was too short but all in all a BLAST. They performed all 10 songs from their debut album We Started Nothing and did it well. Katie White has quite the set of pipes, and her partner in crime, the scrumptious Jules DeMartino was quite awesome on backing vocals, percussion and everything else he did. Good show!

    The Ting Tings at the Paradise

    Photos by Me (Poor Quality, I have an unsteady hand)

    Set List

    We Walk
    Great DJ
    Fruit Machine

    Keep Your Head

    Traffic Light

    Be The One

    We Started Nothing

    – ENCORE –

    Impacilla Carpisung

    Dan BlackPhoto from Dan Black’s Official Site

    I’ve been flaky with my blogging lately. Apologies. I’ve been listening to tons of new music. Really excited about this new FANTASTIC artist, Dan Black. He just released a single over in the UK called “Alone” (no…not the Heart classic) but my absolute FAVORITE song so far is his take on “Hypnotize” by Notorious B.I.G. It’s dope! He’s performing at the Camden Crawl in London April 24 & 25th – which coincidentally – is when I’ll be in London. I’d love to see him live (or at least pick up his single). Follow him on Twitter @Dan__Black.

    Check out:

    Mandy Moore - Amanda Leigh Album Artwork From Mandy Moore’s Official Site

    Mandy Moore’s new website has officially launched, and she’s now on Twitter @TheMandyMoore. Her single, “I Can Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week” is a fun little romp of a tune and her voice sounds better than ever. Pick it up on iTunes today! I can’t wait to hear her new album, Amanda Leigh, which comes out in May.

    Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You

    Album Artwork Courtesy of Coverlandia

    Finally tonight (cause it’s LATE), ArjanWrites posted the Tommie Sunshine remix to Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You.” It’s a pretty hot remix. Sunshine typically adds a hot beat to rockier from groups like The Sounds, Fall Out Boy and Gossip. This is definitely a surprise for me. I’m glad the remixes are finally coming out. Her new single is “I Do Not Hookup” and it too is a jam. Check out the Tommie Sunshine remix here.