Up & Coming Pop Star Jenefer Siân To Release New Single, Fan-Funded Music Video

    I LOVE hearing new artists on the verge of busting onto the scene and I think that Jenefer Siân just might be one of those artists.  On August 10th the Welsh-born singer is set to release her second single, “Operate” via Island Def Jam Digital Distribution across all major digital retailers (including European streaming service Spotify).  Fans will also have the opportunity to download the track for free while spreading the word about Jenefer Siân using the Tweet-For-A-Track service.  There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to pick up a copy of this hot single.

    In addition to releasing the new single Siân is in the midst of a campaign to raise funds for a new music video for a song called “Call You Out” off her forthcoming 5 track EP due out sometime this Fall.  The music video is scheduled to be shot in September with director Alan Wain (Michael Jackson, Sting, Carly Simon) and is being funded by you, her fans.  So far fans have pledged $1,420 ($420 over the $1,000 goal!) on her KickStarter page.  This campaign just goes to show you how passionate Siân is about her craft and sharing it with the world.  It would be one thing to be asking for support without having anything to back it up but in Jenefer’s case, we KNOW she’s talented already. She’s already released one single and has plans to keep the momentum going with “Operate.”  Fans who pledge varying amounts of money will receive free downloads, Jenefer Siân merch, potentially an Associate or Executive Producer credit on the video, sushi dinner with Jenefer, a workout at Runyan Canyon in Hollywood, or even a trip to Disneyland. How cool is that! Get pledging!

    Available for download August 10th, “Operate” was co-written by Siân, producer Wesley Avery and Matt Sirrine.  In the meantime, check out a clip of her new single below and download her debut single “Take A Number” on iTunes now!

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