V.V. Brown @ Great Scott : A Little Tease

    V.V. Brown

    As you know, last night was the V.V. Brown/Little Dragon concert in Allston, MA at Great Scott. Overall it was a great show, although I have to admit that I snuck out before the end of the Little Dragon’s set.

    To be honest, the only reason I was there was to see V.V. Brown. I had never heard of Little Dragon prior to seeing that Brown was supporting them. Having just seen V.V. Brown headline her own small club tour, I was anxious to see her again – whether or not she was the main act. My good friend who came with me to the show (as well as her last show) noticed that her energy was down from the last time. Perhaps the touring is taking it’s toll? She did recently perform at SXSW AND has been on the road since. I can’t imagine the physical and mental stress associated with traveling back and forth across the world. According to a recent Tweet, Brown is a bit homesick? Whatever – I’m not saying that she didn’t perform well. She put on a classy show and sounded great all throughout. It’s just a little obvious that the energy was down from the last time. I’m beyond thrilled that I’ve had the chance to see her twice now here in the States.

    At any rate, I’ll put up a proper post in the next few days about the gig. I managed to snap some pretty decent pictures of Brown both with my phone and with my camera, so stay tuned for those! Be sure and buy her album – out digitally on iTunes and in shops April 20th. Also, look out for V.V. Brown’s song “Bottles” on the soundtrack to the new Jennifer Lopez movie, The Back-up Plan, in theaters April 23rd.

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