V.V. Brown To Hit America January 2010 + New Single & Remixes

    VV BrownFirst bit of news…V.V. Brown has signed to Capitol Records (home to Lily Allen) in the U.S. and will release her debut album in January 2010! BRILLIANT! The press release goes on to say that Brown will make her way to the States in the new year. This is great news! I look forward to seeing her perform live.

    VV BrownNow…onto the new V.V. Brown single, which is awesome news in and of itself. I’ve been eagerly anticipating an announcement as to what her official 4th single will be AND if there will be any remixes. With each subsequent release, the calibre of remixers becomes greater and greater. First things first…the new single is track #2, “Game Over,” co-written by Brown herself. The track was inspired by a trip to Africa, which allowed Brown to get in more in touch with African sounds, rhythms and beats. She even got the chance to play her brand new melodica on the track, going to show just how multifaceted of a performer she really is.
    VV BrownVV Brown
    Photos via V.V. Brown’s Official Flickr

    This time, we have mixes from UK producers/DJs/remixers Dave Spoon, Superbass and French DJ/producer Chris Kaeser. I cannot wait for these!

    UK Promo Tracklisting:

    Dave Spoon Remix

    Superbass Extended

    Superbass Dub

    Chris Kaeser Remix

    Chris Kaeser Dub

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