Warren Malone – French Kisses

    Warren Malone. What a cutie! Malone appeared on Season 3 of American Idol when he performed a tribute to Paula Abdul and made it to the Hollywood round. After Idol, Malone formed his own label “Show World Records, LLC” and plans on releasing his debut album chock-full of fun, pop/dance tracks written by big name songwriters.

    According to Malone’s official website, the album was “recorded in Australia, Sweden, California, and New York…working with writers and producers who have had some of the biggest hits for Madonna, Santana, Kelly Clarkson, Kylie Minogue & Christina Aguilera, there will be some treats for the ones looking for innovative music.”

    His new single, a Cathy Dennis dance gem, French Kisses is brilliant! Originally done by British pop singer, Jentina, Malone’s version track is far superior. Malone has the vocal talent Jentina lacks AND he lays down a fierce beat. Slick production seals the deal here.

    With remixes by Josh Harris, Malone’s track is unstoppable. You can hear his version on his site. Check out a poor quality video of Jentina’s version here.