Welcome Back – Holly Valance

    Holly ValanceThanks to my new number one resource, The Prophet, I learned that actress/singer Holly Valance, is working on new music! The last music we heard from Holly was the 2003 chart dud, State of Mind, and the single of the same name. I bought that album at the Virgin Megastore on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and have to admit, never really listened to it. I think at the time I wasn’t too much into electro-pop…now I have a whole new appreciation/love/lust for it. I think I’ll give it a second chance, since so many Prophet readers seem to like it.

    While the single peaked on the UK charts at #8, her album only managed to reach #60. It didn’t fare much better in Australia (#57 on the ARIA Album Chart). The album did the best in Japan, where it reached #12 on the Oricon Album Chart. After Valance was dropped/left her label she did some vocal work for Har Mar Superstar on his 2005 album, but disappeared from music for the most part, moving to LA to focus on acting where she had moderate success in television and film.

    Holly Valance

    Photos via Holly’s Official MySpace

    According to Valance’s blog, she’s collaborating with up & coming UK electro-pop artist Frankmusik. This is great news. I still love her debut album, Footprints. “Kiss Kiss” was the first song I learned by her (after having heard Stella Soliel do it first). “Naughty Girl” and “Down Boy” are also decent tracks. Can’t wait to hear what Holly offers up next!