The original British Pop Idol, Will Young is back with his sixth album, 85% Proof, out now in the UK.

Will Young and Fred Falke Reunite For ‘Thank You’ Remix; New Single Out July 24

    Will Young & Fred Falke Reunite for the remix of Will's latest single, 'Thank You' off his new album 85% Proof. The single is out July 24.

    Britain’s original ‘Pop Idol,’ Will Young always manages to get some crazy SICK remixes for his singles (Cagedbaby, Freeform Reform, Chris Lake, Tom Neville, Moto Blanco,  Cahill, Bimbo Jones, and the list goes on) the latest being French DJ/Producer Fred Falke‘s take on “Thank You,” the third single taken off Young’s sixth studio album, (and fourth No. 1 album on the UK Albums Charts) 85% Proof, which is out now in the UK (Island Records). “Thank You” is out July 24th.  Listen to Fred Falke‘s remix below.

    While the original version of “Thank You” is perfectly lovely (check out the recently released video below) for me—it’s all about this remix. It’s one of those slow building remixes that takes a minute to get going, but once it does you’re on your way to the dancefloor. Fred Falke starts his remix out with a lush orchestral swell, layering in Will’s impressive falsetto (that IS him, right?) which recalls (for me, anyway) the choir-singing bit from Madonna‘s “Like A Prayer.” Of course, it isn’t long before Falke launches full on into a MASSIVE chorus, thus propelling the song into hyperdrive. The reigns are pulled back sporadically throughout, giving the dancefloor moments to catch their breath before glitter ultimately rains down on the sweaty, heaving masses. I LOVE THIS REMIX.

    I’m part of the camp that believes that everything Fred Falke turns to sonic gold (more or less)—whether he’s sitting in the producer’s chair or on remix duty. As far as remixes go, Falke definitely sits at the top for me in terms of favorites. This is actually the THIRD track he’s remixed for Will Young and the fourth or fifth time they’ve worked together. Falke remixed two singles off of Young’s 2008 album, Let It Go—”Grace” and “Tell Me The Worst.” He also co-wrote 2 tracks (only one of which made it) from Young’s next album, the predominantly-Richard X-produced Echoes (2011). While Falke is absent from Will Young‘s latest album, 85% Proof at least he’s here on this ACE remix.

    85% Proof, the new album from Will Young is out now. New single, "Thank You" out July 23rd.

    In all honesty, I haven’t had a chance to listen to much of Will Young‘s new album yet, as it has yet to be released stateside (but I’m semi-optimistic) bit I haven’t been loving any of the singles. This remix is really the first tune off 85% Proof that’s inspired me. Maybe it’s because I’m such a fan of his last two albums that I was secretly hoping for something in the same vein (AKA more up-tempo and electronic) but alas. These first two singles kind of take me back to album’s 2 and 3—Friday’s Child and Keep On (from 2003 and 2005 respectively) which,  while not a bad thing—not my favorite thing at the moment. His new record seems to have a bit more soul—especially lead single “Love Revolution,” which feels slightly Motown inspired to me. Both “Friday’s Child” and “Your Game” (especially the latter) from album #2, felt more soulful to me than a lot of his other work up till now. The music from Keep On also felt throwback to me, though in a completely different way. You can definitely hear that vibe on songs like “Switch It On,” “All Time Love” and “Who Am I (an absolute BEAUTY of a song, sad and depressing as it may be).” I just don’t think this style of music is speaking to me right now. Right now, I’m CRAVING those thumpin’ basslines man, what can I say? That being said, I do look forward to hearing the album in full before I pass judgement. From what I’m reading, 85% Proof is a favorite, both with fans and critics alike.

    The original British Pop Idol, Will Young is back with his sixth album, 85% Proof, out now in the UK.

    Thank You” was written by Will Young, alongside Jim Eliot (Ellie Goulding, Kylie MinogueMikky Ekko). Eliot, along with his Kish Mauve partner-in-crime, Mima Stilwell executive produced the new record and co-wrote a majority of the songs. The video for “Thank You” (which is quite stunning, btw) was filmed in the historic Porchester Baths in London and features beautiful choreography. To promote the new record, Will Young will be heading out on tour this Fall, kicking things off October 29th in York and concluding November 29th at London’s famed Hammersmith Apollo. For tickets and more information, visit Live Nation. 85% Proof is available to download (iTunes) right now. “Thank You” (presumably with Fred Falke‘s remix) will be released July 24th.

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