WTF? – Coldplay featuring Kylie Minogue

    I found this gem over on my new fav music blog, Arjan Writes. How come I never heard about this? Is this going to be Coldplay’s next single? It’s a deep, dark, depressing duet with none other than Ms. Kylie Minogue.

    ColdplayKylie Minogue
    WHAT? Dark & Depressing? Kylie Minogue? This is rarely a feeling associated with any of Kylie’s music (save for her 1995 single “Where The Wild Roses Grow” with Nick Cave, which Arjan appropriately references). This is SO bizare. If there is a single here, I hope and I pray that it gets remixed.

    I’m not saying that everything under the sun needs a remix, but if you’re going to pair up with Kylie Minogue, (arguably the Queen of Pop) don’t make such a drag!

    The song is called “Lhuna” and you can listen to it over on Arjan’s blog. – Via Arjan Writes

    **EDIT** According to Wikipedia, this is being released as a Charity Single to bring attention to World AIDs day (which was yesterday). Now I feel bad about attacking the tempo of the track. Still, it’s not very uplifting, now is it? Thoughts?

    • Anonymous

      I think it is a steaming pile of emotionless soulless pap.Best left on the charity site and forgotten.

    • Totally in agreement with you there.