X-Factor Runner Up Olly Murs to Release First Single in August

    Come on Joe McElderry! Hurry up and release something new before you become irrelevant! Olly Murs’ new single has already surfaced and he was the X-Factor Series 6 runner up! Kind of a cross between Will Young and American Idol’s Jason Castro, the single is really quite catchy. It’s got a lackadaisical, islandy sound that’s carefree and very summery. Now I have yet to watch a series of X-Factor but based on cuteness alone, I would have absolutely voted for Murs to win. Now, after having heard his first major label effort, it looks like I would have been right-on. “Please Don’t Let Me Go” will be released August 30th via Epic Records/Syco Music. Listen to the single below:

    Check out Olly Murs on the web: