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Hot Video Alert: Love Dollhouse – Can I

    Love Dollhouse - Can I

    Have you heard of Love Dollhouse? If your answer is no, I think that’s going to change in months ahead. Recently signed to Capitol Records, in partnership with All Def Music (the label created by Steve Rifkind and Russell Simmons focused on YouTube talent), Love Dollhouse (Ryan, Jasmine and Chelsea) is an urban pop trio hailing from Detroit. Their sound definitely has me feeling nostalgic about the late 90s/early 2000s; driving around blasting tunes from R&B girl groups like 3LW, Blaque, Destiny’s Child and TLC. While it would be easy to box Love Dollhouse into that noughties R&B girl group niche, I think they have what it takes to carve out their OWN niche in today’s market.

    The girls fully embrace the nostalgia factor in the Erik White-directed video for first single, “Can I,” complete with retro girl group dance moves and swagger for days.  Shot in Los Angeles, the video is the ultimate celebration of summer, complete with hot boys, girlfriends and of course…parties!  The undeniably infectious “Can I” was penned by Claude Kelly (Britney Spears, Bruno Mars) and Ashley Rose and produced by Jon Jon Traxx (Beyoncé, Jessie J) and allows all three girls to shine individually throughout the song.  While the song is very beat driven, Ryan, Jasmine and Chelsea are given plenty of spotlight to showcase their impressive vocal harmonies.  That being said, I look forward to hearing more from Love Dollhouse.  “Can I” is a fun party song, but what other tricks do they have up their sleeves?  They’ve been teasing via social media that new music is coming soon, so I guess time will tell.

    Love Dollhouse - Promo Photo

    Now…for a little Love Dollhouse back story! According to the press release, Ryan and Jasmine were friends from Middle School.  Bonding over a love of girl groups they had their hearts set on forming a trio.  Before landing with Capitol Records, Love Dollhouse went through a number of lineup changes, even recording material with local Detroit-based producers.  Originally signed to Rifkind’s SRC Records, the trio appeared on America’s Got Talent before ultimately recruiting Chelsea in June of last year.  The girls are currently hard at work in the studio, churning out hits for their début album.

    Check out the video for “Can I” below and download the song on iTunes (U.S.).


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